We host a number of helpful courses at the church, which are open to all members of our community. If there is a particular type of course you would find helpful, please contact us to discuss it on


Courses on now/soon


The alpha course

Do you have questions about life? God? Religion? The Alpha Course discusses the BIG questions using a series of videos and discussion groups. We are currently hosting an Alpha Course for the men on a Friday evening and another for anyone with questions on a Wednesday evening. Contact us to join in with these, or a future Alpha Course.


parenting children course

Begins 5th June from 7pm. Weekly on Wednesdays for 6 weeks.

Parenting children is both challenging and rewarding. This course is designed to support you in positive ways to bring up your children; to give you ideas, strategies and support and to allow you to share your experiences. Please contact Sue on to be a part of this fantastic opportunity.


The bible course

This course is a great follow-up to the Alpha Course. It is a really informative and interesting course about the Bible; how it is laid out, what it can teach us and how we can use it as a living document today.

We are currently running this course as part of a Monday afternoon Life Group for young mums. To join in, or to enquire about a future Bible Course, please contact


Courses available on request

Marriage prep course.png

Marriage preparation course

A course for couples who are considering marriage, or are engaged. A series of videos and discussions with your partner guided by questions and exercises in a manual. A great way to get to know each other better, ask questions you may never have considered before and think about how things might work between you in the future. Some really helpful insights about how your upbringing may affect your expectations now, how you might manage your finances, how to show each other love effectively and much more.

marriage course.jpeg

the marriage course

A course for couples who have been married for a year or more and would like to learn how to strengthen their relationship, how to communicate well, how to show each other love effectively and resolve differences well. A series of videos and discussions as a couple with the guidance of questions and exercises laid out in the manual, so you have something to take home and continue to work on together.