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I came here as vicar in October 2004 with my wife, Kathy and our three children, now all grown up. It has been a great joy as Father God has given growth in numbers, depth of faith and in prayer life of the congregation. We see the Father’s healing touch in people’s lives in physical as well as emotional and psychological ways. As a church we value the Bible as God’s word for us today to direct our lives and we also value the power and work of the Holy Spirit to transform us. Our vision: ‘deeper in and further out’ is a call to pursue God’s presence and from that encounter; to go out in his power to the community. Our five year vision for 2020 is to focus on growing our Streams of Life.

Come along on a Sunday you will find a warm welcome from the family of God. We hope to see you soon.
— Steve Burch, Vicar